3D Imaging is a Hawkes Bay based organisation owned by Kim Nilsson and Heather Nilsson. With a lifetime in the Bay our local knowledge and contacts have built strong relationships in IT and Web development. This is highlighted by the success of 3D Imaging’s client’s on the WEB , see our portfolio section for examples of this work.


3D Imaging is located in Hastings, New Zealand and has operated from this location for the last 15 years. Hawkes Bay offers the lifestyle and outlook preferred by its owners and partners. Being local offers our clients reductions in the need for out of town meetings. We use the technology of the Internet to work with our Overseas and National clients.


3D Imaging develops quality Web solutions built to a professional standard using current web trends. We have strong relationships with local expertise in the multimedia and database area should in house skills be exceeded. This knowledge base guarantees an overall coverage in the solution without stretching timelines and budgets.
Local knowledge and experience in web development have allowed us to work beside most of the local advertising organisations in Hawkes Bay. We have no problems working with your existing marketing people.

The conversion of printed material to a new media such as the Internet can lead to frustration and confusion for certain organisations, 3D Imaging help iron these problems out by adding the third dimension to their current two dimensional marketing.